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PQL Scoring, Salesforce Object Syncing, and HubSpot Contact Creation✨

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

This one is short and sweet: PQL Scoring just got a whole lot easier, and your favorite CRMs just leveled up in Correlated.

PQL and PQA Scoring - Beta

With the new Scoring Engine in Correlated you’re able to assign specific outcomes for individual users or accounts, and Correlated will suggest (using machine-learning magic ) the indicators that are most correlated with achieving those outcomes. Here are some example use-cases:

  • Identifying users likely to convert from free to paid

  • Finding accounts that are ready for expansion

  • Surfacing power users who are likely to be champions within key accounts

  • Showing accounts at risk of churn within your sales-assisted segment

Salesforce Object Syncing

Once you've used Correlated's PQL Scoring and Playbooks to identify the leads that are likely to convert, you're ready to dynamically create new Lead, Contact, and Account Objects in Salesforce!

At the same time, you can map interesting data points that live in Correlated, like your new PQL Score, directly to fields in Salesforce. Give your reps all the necessary context to follow up with your hottest leads, and enhance your SFDC reports.

HubSpot Contact Creation

For those of you using Correlated to power automated workflows and sequences in HubSpot, you can now opt-in to have us create new contacts for you.

If someone doesn't already exist in HubSpot at the time they trigger your Playbook, we'll ensure the process doesn't skip a beat by auto-creating the contact and adding them directly to a list for you -- No quality leads left behind!

Coming Soon

We aren't done improving our CRM integrations quite yet. Keep an eye out for the following updates on our roadmap:

  1. HubSpot Contact / Company Object Syncing

  2. Salesforce Opportunity Object Syncing

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