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Explore user-level metrics with user views 🔎

AUTHOR: The Correlated team
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At Correlated, the entire team is hard at work trying to get the best product-led revenue platform into the hands of our customers as fast as possible. That means we're always shipping 🛳🛳🛳, even during our bug bash week 🪲!

As you know, users are really important for product-led revenue companies because:

1) The first lead to come in is often a single user who may or may not expose their identity 🥸 (e.g. which organization they are a part of).

2) Once you acquire a customer and are looking to expand them, who you talk to is really important! Some users have the political and monetary sway 💰 - while others are influential power users of your platform.

Enter, User Views and Account-level Detail Views

That's where our newest feature - User Views - comes in. You can access User Views in the left side nav to get a holistic view of all the users of your product - whether or not they are stored as a contact in Salesforce or if they are attached to an organization. Just like in Account Views (the "Accounts" tab in the side nav), you can Edit Columns and Filter Dimensions to build the exact view that you need.

You can also dive into Users for a given Account by clicking on the Account you care about in your Account Views. Let's say that you know Account A is ripe for expansion, and you want to know who to talk to. Now, you can click into Account A and see which users are most active and/or have the title that you care about.

As always, if you are looking for a specific metric or dimension, just let us know! We'll help you load in what you need. 💬

PS. Hubspot Support!

We just released Hubspot support in Beta, which means that you can load data that lives in Hubspot into Correlated. 🎁

As always, you can adjust your email subscription to cater to what you care about by using the link below.

That's it for this week - signing off! ✒️

- Correlated Team

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