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Automatically route Signals to Account Owners with Slack DMs 🤖

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

We've been helping PLG companies find conversion and expansion opportunities by identifying Signals and routing them to Slack channels. Some common ways to organize channels include:

  • By account teams (for example, company A is managed by a team of SEs, CS Reps, and AEs)

  • By segment / cohort (for example, all new conversion leads for SMBs go to one channel, while all new conversion leads for Enterprises go to another channel)

But everyone has been asking us for support for ✉️ Slack DMs to account owners. This makes it possible to create organization-wide Signals that are sent to sales reps for the accounts that they own. It's easy to send Slack DMs - when creating a Workflow, you can select the option to send Slack DMs vs channels. If you don't have Account Owners set up yet, just reach out to your Correlated contact to set things up.

In other news, we just completed SOC II Type 2. We take security seriously and are excited to open up Correlated to customers who need SOC II compliance in order to work with us.

Finally, you might have noticed that we added in a nifty WoW % calculation on our Account and User Views. We'll be adding more metrics very soon, so that you can slice and dice your Account and User lists and prioritize opportunities based on product usage data.

👋 Best, Team Correlated

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