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Self-Serve Segment, SalesLoft, BigQuery 💥💥💥

AUTHOR: The Correlated team
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Wow! It's been a crazy week with some awesome product announcements.

Self-Serve Segment Metric Builder

For those of you who started with Correlated before we opened up our Get Started button, you got to work with our Correlated Team to get set up. We just introduced a Metric Builder for Segment where you can easily add in new metrics and edit how they appear in your Correlated instance. This is particularly useful since your product is constantly evolving, and you might want to add more events as you add them to Segment. Currently, the Metric Builder only works for metrics in Segment, so if you want to adjust your dimensions or modify any of your data sources, you'll still have to chat with your Correlated team member. We're excited to have you all try it out!

Send Cadences via SalesLoft

We previously supported Outreach as a way to automate personalized, timely emails. We now also support SalesLoft. Now, you can automatically add Users who've triggered Signals into SalesLoft Cadences. Users will receive communications from their respective Owners in SalesLoft.

The most common initial use case for sales automation with Correlated is to send personalized, relevant emails. Compared to time-based drip campaigns, personalized outreach based on what users are doing in your product are much more impactful. For example, if you have a 14 day trial, your users might not be actively trying out your product until day 10. If you send them a bunch of onboarding emails from day 1-7, you've missed the period in which they are actively trying out your product. By using product data to inform your outreach, you can choose instead to send them onboarding emails only after they've hit certain milestones in the product.

Beta Support for BigQuery

If you're using BigQuery as your CDW, we just released Beta support. By connecting BigQuery to Correlated, you'll be able to use even more data to drive your PLG GTM motion. If you're interested in hooking up BigQuery, please reach out!

As always, we're here to help and welcome any feedback you have as you use Correlated.

Signing Off,

- Team Correlated

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