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Salesloft Personalization ✍️, PQL Discovery 🤖, and SSO 💻

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

Hey Correlated users - We're back again to make your lives easier! Well, at least as far as product led growth is concerned. Here are some of the new features we've recently rolled out:

Salesloft Personalization & People Creation

Feature parity for your favorite sales automation tools is here! You may already be familiar with our Outreach Personalization and Prospect Creation functionality, but if Salesloft is your preferred sales platform, you're in luck.

You can now use the product-usage and CRM data that you're sharing with Correlated to customize cadence emails in Salesloft for every customer. Just pick the dimension (aka data point) that you want to use, map it to a matching custom field that lives in Salesloft, and voila! Correlated will automatically add customers to your cadence, and map key information over to the email to kick things off with a personalized touch.

And if you're not already uploading all of your contacts into Salesloft, just use our new People Creation feature. If someone doesn't already exist in Salesloft when we add them to a cadence, we'll create them as a "Person" for you.

Recommended PQLs - Beta

Did someone say machine learning? Correlated is hard at work to bridge the gap between company data and achieving PLG business outcomes.

Our PQL Engine is a machine learning-powered tool that generates PQLs from your unique customer data. By using our PQL Engine, you can achieve your customer lifecycle goals via tangible leads. We'll help you instantly discover the best signals that are most correlated with your key objectives.

How does it work? It's not just magic - You can specify a goal, for example, “I want to convert customers from trial to paid." From there, our PQL Engine works backwards to determine which customers are most likely to achieve that goal. If you're interested in putting this to the test, contact us at

Single Sign-On

SSO is an important function for any person in SaaS, so it only made sense for us to support it. Sign up with Correlated and easily configure your account to your preferred SSO provider. We play nicely with any providers covered by WorkOS, including:

  • Auth0

  • Azure

  • Google

  • Jumpcloud

  • Okta

  • Onelogin

  • SAML

  • Shibboleth

For the complete list of SSO options, visit

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