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Outreach Personalization ✏️, Prospect Creation 👥 , Snowflake DC ❄️, and "Why" for Triggers ❓

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

We have had a very productive Q2 over at Correlated - and it's only May! The team has been hard at work building features to support your PLG playbooks in new, dynamic ways, like pushing product usage data to drive personalized messages in Outreach and automatic prospect creation. We've also been improving upon the existing features you know and love, like an easier than ever direct connection to Snowflake, and more insight into why your customers triggered a Signal. 🎉

Outreach Personalization

It's time to level-up your Outreach sequences! In addition to automatically adding prospects to sequences using Correlated, you can now personalize your emails by leveraging the product usage and CRM data you're already sharing to map to custom fields directly in Outreach.

Choose the custom fields you want to sync data to, use these fields in your email templates, and you're off to the races! Any time a new prospect enters the sequence, Correlated will customize the message with their unique information.

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Outreach Prospect Creation

While we're on the topic of Outreach - We’ve taken things a step further by auto-creating new Prospects for you.

When a user triggers a Signal in Correlated to be added to an Outreach sequence, Correlated will first check to see if that Prospect exists in Outreach. If for some reason the user is not already a Prospect, Correlated will take care of the tedious work by automatically creating the new Prospect and adding them to the sequence. Your team won’t miss a beat, and you can trust that no opportunities are missed due to pesky contact syncing delays.

Snowflake Direct Connection

This one is short and sweet: Correlated no longer requires a datashare to ingest data from Snowflake. You can now choose to connect your Snowflake data warehouse and Correlated directly to easily pipe product usage data in.

If your team still wants to use a datashare, no worries! Simply choose your preferred connection method upon initially adding Snowflake as an integration in your Correlated account.

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"Why" for Triggered Signals

Correlated makes it easy to see who is triggering a Signal and when a downstream action is firing. Now, we’re including the why.

Each Signal has its own list of product usage and CRM criteria that an account / user must meet to trigger it. Depending on how long that list is, it can be difficult to determine exactly why someone ended up in the Signal.

Now, just go to the Action History tab in your Signal and hover over any successful action to see why a customer triggered it. No more guessing - just information at your fingertips.

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NEW: Correlated Office Hours

Interested in learning more about our new features? Have general setup questions? Looking for data onboarding tips and tricks?

Grab some time on our Correlated Office Hours Calendar and we're happy to help!

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