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More powerful automation via Salesforce Tasks 🎁🎁🎁

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

Happy Wednesday! We've made a bunch of improvements to Workflows to make them even more powerful. Workflows are a great way to turn product usage insights into actions that are either automatically triggered by downstream applications or handled by sales teams via a sales-assist motion.

Automatically Trigger Salesforce Tasks

If you visit our Workflows builder, you'll notice that you can now add "Salesforce Tasks" to a workflow. This means that when an Account or User enters a Signal, we'll automatically create a Salesforce Task that your sales team can act on in Salesforce. Here are a couple reasons why you should use our automated Salesforce Tasks:

  • Ensure that your sales team acts on the right opportunities at the right time by sending insights directly to the tools they live in

  • Track outcomes over time to optimize your sales motions

  • Discover new insights and immediately test them in the field to increase conversion and expansion

P.S. Reporting and Salesforce Tasks come hand in hand - you can build powerful attribution reports using Salesforce's reporting tools so that you can figure out which Signals are performing the best.

Note: You'll need your Correlated team member to help you set up Salesforce Tasks, so if you're interested, please do reach out.

Multiple Actions in Workflows

You asked, and we answered! With multiple actions in Workflows, you can simply add a new action card to a Workflow without having to create another Workflow. That was a lot of words, so let's go through a concrete example. Let's say you built a Signal that fires every time a user invites another user. We'll call this Signal the "Invite User" Signal. Now, you want to notify the sales owner of that user via a Salesforce Task, as well as notify a broader Slack channel. Previously, you would have to create a new Workflow and copy things over. With multiple actions, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page and add another action.

BigQuery is now released

We shared a couple weeks ago that BigQuery support was in beta. We're excited to move this feature into public release, so if you're using BigQuery to store customer data, you're in luck!

Goodbye Investigations 👋

To all of our amazing early customers who took a bet on us early on and believed in our mission, we've decided to sunset our "Investigations" feature for now. What this means is that you will no longer be able to build time-series graphs and break them down. We've found that our product provides substantial value via the Signals and Workflows features and want to continue providing value in those areas. If you have any concerns, please reach out!


- Team Correlated

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