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HubSpot Lists 📝, Remove from Outreach Sequences ↩ī¸, Reporting 📈, and Coming Soon... Goals! ✅

AUTHOR: The Correlated team

Lots of exciting product updates are here, and even more are coming! 👀 We've made some additions to our HubSpot functionality to drive powerful workflows, Outreach Sequences to manage the entire start-to-finish journey your customers should take, and added insightful analytics to our Signals view, so you can see Reporting at-a-glance. And lastly... Goals. See how you can track the success of your Signals, and how many customers are actually converting based on the desired outcome.

HubSpot Lists

Want to manage more complex workflows with your customers in HubSpot? No problem. You can now add a downstream action to your Signals that adds users to static HubSpot contact lists! This means using specific product usage data from your Signals to automatically add users to lists that will kickoff customized workflows, sequences, and more!

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Remove from an Outreach Sequence

Want an onboarding customer to activiate a new feature? Great - Add them to an Outreach Sequence with suggested next steps. But after they utilize the desired feature, then what? You can now dynamically remove users from an Outreach Sequence! Build out complex end-to-end workflows by using your product usage data to determine when someone needs to receive automatic emails, and when they should stop receiving these emails.

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Notice anything different in our Signals view? We now have at-a-glance reporting for you to see exactly how your Signals are firing! Easily discover how many customers have Triggered your Signals within the last 30 days, how many downstream Actions have been taken accordingly, and even a breakdown of the different Action Types you're running. For a more in-depth analysis, check out our new columns that allow you to monitor these at the unique Signal level as well.

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 1.41.16 PM.png

Coming Soon: Goals!

If you've ever wondered how well your PLG strategy is working, or when it's the right time to revise how you're approaching PQLs - you're in luck. With Goals, you're able to determine what a desired outcome looks like for each one of your exisitng Signals, AND track the conversions of how many customers are reaching this successful endstate.

For example, if all customers who sign up with you need to connect at least 5 integrations to be successful, make a goal for it! Simply choose your "Enter" criteria, which is already defined by your Signal, then determine what the desired outcome is and how many days it should take to achieve - and you're off to the races!

To request early access to Goals, reach out to us!

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